5 Things That Happened This Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Harry Styles Got Hit By A Shoe

I’ve got a bit of a love/hate relationship with One Direction. They’ve got some great songwriting as you can hear in one of the biggest hits of the decade so far What Makes You Beautiful, but as for the actual talent, well that’s questionable as they’ve recently murdered both One Way Or Another and Teenage Kicks. Seeing Harry Styles this week get hit by a shoe was brilliant. Wait for the drop, just wait for it!

I Found The UK’s Most Ghetto Tesco

I definitely didn’t expect to hear this whilst browsing the aisles for flu remedies.

Foals Got Angry

Foals hit back after Rou Reynolds tweeted ‘Foals just played and now our managers had to take the decisive action of ordering shots to wrench us out of the deep sleep they put us in’.

Angry Foals

Gallon Smashing Didn’t Catch On

Apparently this was supposed to replace the Harlem Shake, Planking, Milking and every other internet fad. Not surprisingly it hasn’t.

Mo Farah Got Asked Whether He’s Run Before

God bless America!

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