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New week, new jam! This week we’ve got a fantastic new track from Avril Lavigne for you to listen to.

Avril Lavigne

It’s a full 11 years since Avril Lavigne burst onto the scene with her début single Complicated, time really does fly and things change, but one thing’s for sure Avril’s certainly still got it! Here’s To Never Growing Up is Avril Lavigne’s latest single and it’ll serve as a trip down memory lane for most with Avril performing at a school prom and skating down a school hallway in a scene loosely reminiscent of the video for Complicated.

Overall Here’s To Never Growing Up is a fantastic little song from a 28 year old who hasn’t had it too easy with a divorce in 2010 and her 2011 album Goodbye Lullaby only selling 1.4 million copies worldwide. Hopefully this new track will mark a turning point in her career because we’d love to hear a lot more from Avril in the future.

Here’s To Never Growing Up is out on iTunes on the 16th June, you can pre-order your copy here.

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