Introducing Fundawear – The Underwear With Touch


It’s that age old problem in relationships, distance. Most of us will know of situations when our loved ones are a little too far away. The advent of video calling services like Skype means that it’s now easier than ever to see your partner no matter where you happen to be in the world, but what if you wanted to take that interaction a little further? What if you wanted to be able to physically touch your partner? Well that’s one problem Durex’s Australian division have attempted to solve.

Fundawear is a unique combination of underwear and a smartphone app capable of transferring touch over distance. Tiny vibrating actuators similar to the ones found in smartphones are sewn into a set of female lingerie and male underpants and the vibrations correspond to the touches input using the Fundawear smartphone app. Think of this as sexting 2.0.

Credit where credit’s due this is a brilliant invention by Durex. Whether the idea will take off or not will be interesting to see. The project is still in development at the moment but you can head over to to find out more about Fundawear.

Whilst watching the Fundawear video we couldn’t help remembering this classic moment from The IT Crowd when Moss built Jen a bra.

So what do you think about Fundawear? As always we’re open to your comments below.

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