Let’s All Grow Up And Stop Using BBM

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Earlier this week BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) released versions of their BlackBerry Messenger application for iOS and Android. The release of BBM for iOS and Android has been plagued with issues. In September the company was forced to delay the app’s launch after versions of the messenger leaked onto the Google Play Store and wreaked havoc with BlackBerry’s servers. When the application did finally go live this week users were asked to join a queue to activate the service due to high demand.

Here at Plain Audacious we think you should stop using BlackBerry Messenger right now and here’s why.

Add Me On BBM Status’

Add Me On BBM
You’ve definitely already come across these on your social media feeds, people begging you to add them on BBM. What you don’t realise is that when you post one of those ‘just got BBM add me 1MAD0UCH3′ status’ is that you look more desperate than Miley Cyrus trying to sell records by grinding on serial misogynist Robin Thicke.

Just a reminder if that wasn’t clear, if you post on social media asking people for pins then this is you:

Thicke Cyrus BBM
Don’t even get us started about the people who do things like this:

BBM Twitter There Are So Many Alternatives

There are already so many other messaging applications available for mobile. For starters Facebook have done a great job in bringing their messenger application to all of the major platforms. You can share photos, send voice messages, you can even send eachother pictures of giant cats.

Facebook Cats
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Then there’s WhatsApp, now WhatsApp has done well to work itself up to becoming something close to the standard when it comes to mobile instant messaging. The key to WhatsApp’s success is in its simplicity, accounts are linked to your mobile number meaning that you can instantly contact anyone in your phone’s addressbook who has the app installed.

So what’s wrong with WhatsApp then? Well nothing. You can hold group conversations, share videos, photos and audio and you can of course just chat. So if WhatsApp is so brilliant why are you all jumping back onto the BBM bandwagon? BlackBerry drove BBM into insignificance by not opening their messenger up to other platforms early enough whilst their handset sales flailed. This allowed the competition to build truly cross platform messenger clients and has left BBM in the starting blocks.

Give it a few weeks and people will be back to using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger when they realise just how few of their friends they’re able to contact using BBM, which leads us nicely onto our next point.

It’s Going To Go Down The Pan

Remember all the hype when Google announced Buzz, Apple unveiled Ping and MySpace rebranded? Are any of these products still being hyped now? No not at all! Google killed off Buzz, Apple discontinues Ping, and MySpace? Well that’s still just MySpace.

Tom Myspace

We’re expecting BBM to go the same way, lots of hype around the launch followed by steadily decreasing user numbers. BBM is just a fad, it’s far from the next big thing in mobile communication.

It’s Not 2007

Remember 2007? When all the cool kids were still using Windows XP and the nerds were battling bluescreens on Windows Vista? Well 2007 is where BBM belongs, right alongside MSN Messenger. Using BBM is like stepping back in time, you wouldn’t go back to sending ringtones via Intrared so why would you go back to using BBM? Technology is about moving forwards not backwards and bringing people closer together and unfortunately BBM offers nothing new to the table. With so many messaging solutions available where you already connect with your friends, why would you take a step back in time and put a new barrier between yourself and the world?

That said however, if we are all going to go back to 2007 then can we all start using Bebo again? We miss having ‘luv’ as a tradable commodity.

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So guys and girls please stop with the BBM madness and if anybody offers you their pin…

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