This Halloween I Dressed As Netflix & Chill Complete With Application Forms… Let’s Take A Look At The Best Applicants

This Halloween I decided to dress up as Netflix & chill…

Netflix & Chill

Not only that my outfit came complete with Netflix & Chill Application forms…

2015-10-31 17.46.08

After 27 responses I’ve whittled them down to the top 17 so let’s take a look at the best. P.S. The last one is class.

Note: All personally identifiable information has been censored, I know how thirsty some of you are.

This person with the biggest tits going:

Netflixandchill 8

This person who thought that they were getting a free drink

Netflixandchill 5

This person who hates Sky

Netflixandchill 4

This person who’s a bit baggy

Netflixandchill 3

Wednesday Addams

Netflixandchill 15

This person with a plastic bag fetish

Netflixandchill 13

This person who doesn’t have netflix

Netflixandchill 9

This lesbian who thinks I’m a weirdo

Netflixandchill 6

This person who’s really good at economics

Netflixandchill 2

This hairy person

Netflixandchill 14

This person who loves Time Team

Netflixandchill 16

This person who loves me

Netflixandchill 10

This northerner who enjoys being cold

Netflixandchill 12

This brilliant person

Netflixandchill 11

This person who didn’t quite get it

Netflixandchill 7

This person who couldn’t fit it all in

Netflixandchill 1

and finally I thought I’d leave the best till last, this person with a tongue bar



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