Stop doing the Harlem Shake. Stop it! Just Stop!

Guys this isn’t so much an article as it is a desperate plea to save humanity. Please stop doing the Harlem Shake. As with all fads it’s had its time, it’s peaked and now it’s dead.

The first and probably most important reason why the Harlem Shake should stop is because YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! Yes you’re doing the Harlem Shake wrong! Take a look at the video I’ve posted below, it’s the actual Harlem Shake, a dance which originated in the 80’s and required skill and coordination. Watch it and you’ll see that there’s none of the jumping around and inanimate object humping we’ve become accustomed to over the last few weeks.

Okay I have to admit that I’m guilty of that one too, but we’re killing a good dance because in the future when someone asks what the Harlem Shake is they’re not going to respond by showing them the original dance, they probably won’t even mention Baauer the producer that sparked this mess, they’ll just remember the Harlem Shake for being that stupid internet craze.

It’s not just the fact that the dance is being done wrong, it’s also the fact that these videos are becoming more unoriginal and predictable than any modern series of Big Brother. The big thing about the Harlem Shake used to be the drop, we used to sit there eagerly behind our computer screens waiting to find out what insanity lurked beyond the drop, but now it’s all become the same. Just a billion people flailing about like a horse stuck in a Findus lasagne. I commend those who have bothered to think outside of the box and create something original, like this one I’ve found below but that leads me nicely on to my next point. Make sure you turn up the volume for this one as it’s a little quiet.

If you haven’t done the Harlem Shake yet then DON’T DO IT, NOBODY CARES. Have you seen YouTube yet? It’s become more saturated with Harlem Shake videos than the tissue used by Taylor Swift to wipe away her tears. As I’ve just said, they’re all the same now, we know exactly what to expect from your video so just don’t bother. You’ve missed the gun, so put that camera down and leave us in peace.

I could probably go on and on ranting about the Harlem Shake and how some people don’t seem to understand that the video is only supposed to last 30 seconds and how others aren’t even bothering to use a tripod to make sure the first and second scenes both look the same, but instead I’m going to end this article with 3 of my favourite Harlem Shake videos. Despite all of the points I’ve made in this post the Harlem Shake has really made a significant impact on the world and bought people together to collaborate in a way they probably never would have thought of and I think we should both celebrate and encourage that. Okay we’ve murdered a dance move and left a producer completely bemused but it’s been great fun whilst it’s lasted, but please now stop doing the Harlem Shake.

3: The Ravensbourne Edition

So this is the Harlem Shake my old university pulled off. It’s nothing too out of the ordinary but the reason why it’s in my top 3 is because it just shows the level of collaboration I was talking about earlier. I found it funny how the turnout was better than at any of the lectures or union events I’d been to at Ravensbourne. I even decided to make an appearance, but good luck finding me, honestly it’s harder than one of those Where’s Wally books.

2: The Black Edition

I’ve picked this one because of two things, firstly the guy’s parents and secondly the milk. Enjoy!

1: The Original

So this is the video that started it all. There are many words you could use to describe it especially considering that there was no form previous to this and they pretty much just made it up. I think the word to use however is genius. These guys by creating this video sparked the biggest fad of 2013 so far, and you can only really applaud them for it.

I’m actually really keen to find out what you all think of the points I’ve raised. As always the comments section is open for your opinions.


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