10 Things That Happened That You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

As promised here’s this week’s bumper double edition where we’ll be covering 10 things that have happened over the last two weeks that you probably didn’t need to know about. Let’s get started.

David Cameron Made A Serious Phone Call

Cameron Phone Call
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Twitter then reacted beautifully

Rob Delaney Call
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Patrick Stewart
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JME Call
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Richard Call
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Not one to miss out on a joke the Prime Minister fired a response to Patrick Stewart

Cameron Response
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A Man Got Arrested For Running A Meth Lab, Then Wore The Perfect Tee For His Mugshot

los pollos hermanos mugshot
Image: The Independent

You can read more about this at The Independent.

Paddy Power Ran This Super Awkward Ad About The Oscar Pistorius Trial


The Weather Looked Good

Skip to 2:05.

The Bus-Pass Elvis Party Beat The Lib Dems In A By-Election

Looks like support for the Lib Dems has reached a new low.

Clifton North Result
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The Bus-Pass Elvis Party’s key pledge was to legalise brothels with a 30% reduction for OAPs. Bus-Pass Elvis also wanted to save public lavatories from extinction, you can see his pledges here.

Bus Pass Elvis
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This Photo Went Viral

Oscars Photo
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The photo spawned some brilliant spin-offs.

The Simpsons Version

oscars simpsons

The Formula One Version

oscars f1

The Lego Version

oscars lego
Image: Twitter // @LEGO_Group

Piers Morgan Lost His Job

A Social Network Launched For Drunk People

News Outlets Got Fooled By A Fake App

Yep, turns out that Livr was actually a hoax. The fake social network will not be appearing a SXSW but did manage to fool a number of news outlets including The Daily Mail, The Independent and Engadget.

And Finally, BBC Three Is Leaving Our Television Screens

Stewie BBC3
Image: Facebook // Save BBC3

To close we’ve got something that you really should know about. The BBC have announced that BBC Three will be closing as a linear TV channel and will be moved online, threatening the future of the channel’s programming and removing the only BBC channel specifically targeted at young people. You can help stop this though, the plans still need to be approved by the BBC Trust and by signing this petition you can help show just how much support the channel has.

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