30 Things That Happened In 2013 You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

30 things 2013

This year at Plain Audacious we’ve brought you hundreds of weird and wonderful news stories that you probably didn’t need to know about. In this post we’ll be looking back at some of the best stories from 2013.

1. Kanye West Walked Into A Road Sign

2. This Guy Re-Made Wrecking Ball… Chatroulette Style

3. Sony Ran This Fantastic Playstation 4 Ad On Page 3 Of The Sun

4. This Guy Paid £450 For A Picture Of An Xbox One

Xbox eBay

Then he got given a real one for free Read More.

5. F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone Was Defeated By A Revolving Door

6. Fox News Unveiled Their Bizarre New Studio

American news network Fox News revealed their bizarre new studio complete with oversized tablets and Minority Report style tech. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the new Fox ‘News Deck’ was from some kind of comedy sketch or an April fools joke, but check out the video below where Shepard Smith introduces the network’s new take on news gathering, where reporters work on 55 inch Windows touchscreens and interact with a 38 foot long video wall.

7. Taking Selfies At Funerals Became A Thing

funeral selfie
Image: Selfies At Funerals
funeral selfie
Image: Selfies At Funerals

…and to answer your question, yes you are going to hell.

You can read more about Selfies At Funerals at The Huffington Post.

You can also visit the Selfies At Funerals Tumblr page.

8. This Sign Language Interpreter Had A Bad Day At Mandela’s Memorial

After being accused of making childish hand gestures and clapping he claimed that he had a schizophrenic episode and was ‘seeing angels’.

9. Jay-Z Got Accused Of Time Travelling

An image surfaced of US rapper-turned-time-lord Jay-Z in 1933, nearly forty years before Mr Carter claims to have been born. The photo appeared at The Schomburg Center in New York and was taken by Sid Grossman. We’re pretty sure it’s not him, but we’ll leave you to decide.

Jay-Z Time Travel

Jay Z

10. This Teenager Went For A Night Out In Manchester, Then Woke Up In Paris

In this incredible story Oldham’s Luke Harding managed to drunkenly book and board a flight to Paris after a night out in Manchester. Read More.

Luke Harding
Image: Twitter / @LukeHarding1994

11. Nottingham Trent Students’ Union Published This Super Awkward Video

12. Britain’s Horniest Student Was Crowned

Exeter University Student Elina Desaine was crowed Britain’s horniest student by dating site Shag At Uni. The 20-year-old who beds 2/3 guys a week won £500, a year’s supply of condoms, a mobile phone and some alcohol. Read More.

Image: Shag At Uni

13. Huey Morgan Had A Bad Day On Never Mind The Buzzcocks

14. The Internet Reacted To Storm St Jude

BuzzFeed covered the storm with a list of middle class responses.

buzz graze storm
Image: BuzzFeed

Read More on BuzzFeed.

Too many people shared and retweeted this photo:

fake met office

BuzzFeed also compiled a list of the best internet reactions.

Twitter Storm
Image: Twitter / @WelshDalaiLama

Read More on BuzzFeed.

Meanwhile The Guardian reported on a giant beach ball on the loose in London.

beach ball storm

Read More at The Guardian.

15. Bieber Took On The Paparazzi

16. BBC Radio 1 Interviewed Kanye

Kanye West had an incredible in-depth interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. Highlights of the must watch interview include Kanye yelling Versace, and comparing himself to the glitch in Wreck it Ralph. You can see all four parts of the interview below.

17. This Brilliant Parody Of Kimye’s Bound 2 Hit The Net

18. Miguel Failed Horribly And Drop Kicked A Fan

19. We’ve Got No Idea What Watsky Was Thinking With This Dive

20. Tommy Robinson Quit The EDL… It Was Too Extreme For Him

Yes it may be hard to believe but Tommy Robinson left the English Defence League, the group famous for inciting hate and organising protests at short notice on Tuesday afternoons had become too difficult to control and Tommy admitted that EDL protests were ‘no longer productive’.

21. This Woman Also Quit Her Job

Tommy wasn’t the only person to quit in 2013…

Even better, her employer responded with their own Kanye West themed, no-singing, all-dancing video.

22. This Guy Won Though, He Resigned Via Cake


More at: www.mrcake.co.uk

23. This Guy Thought He Was In GTA

Stick with this one, it ends hilariously.

24. This Woman Had An Absolute Nightmare Parking Her Car

25. Lanarkshire Police Hired A Van For A Drugs Raid, Then Returned It Full Of Cannabis

police drugs fail
Photo: Daily Record

In this incredible story, police in Lanarkshire hired a van to be used by plain clothes polices officers in a drugs bust. After the raid Mitchell’s Self Drive worker John McKinnon went to collect the vehicle oblivious to the fact that the police had forgotten to empty the van’s contents.

John said to the Daily Record ‘They gave me the keys in a sealed blue bag, walked me out to the van, opened the gates and away I went.’
‘There was a strong smell of cannabis in the cabin but it was only when I got back to the office and opened up the back that I realised what was in it’.
‘There were bin bags full of cannabis. There was no mistaking what it was. I went running into the office and we phoned the police.’
‘Straight away, they said someone was going to get their balls kicked. But it still took them an hour-and-a-half to come back out to collect it’.
‘When they turned up, they were asking me how it had happened. They were dumbfounded. But there was no word of an apology or even a thank you for letting them know’.
‘I’m angry that they allowed me to drive it away like that’.

More at The Daily Record.

26. Jay Leno’s Gaspump Prank Found This Gem Of A Couple

Turns out that there may have been some funny business involved though, read more.

27. Thatcher Died… One Direction’s Fans Got Confused

Baroness Thatcher passed away this year. One Direction member Harry Styles tweeted this:

Harry Styles Thatcher

Which was followed by these amazing responses from the directioners:

28. This BBC News Presenter Mistook Copier Paper For His iPad And Styled It Out Beautifully

29. This Situation Escalated Quickly

30. And Finally Sky News Found Out Something Unexpected About The Royal Baby

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