5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

The $20 KFC Corsage Happened

We’re wondering too, just how did we get through our proms without these?

More about the chicken corsage on the KFC website.

US Airways Tweeted A Customer One Of The Most Inappropriate NSFW Images Imaginable

What started out as a pretty normal conversation between customer @ElleRafter and US Airways…

US Airways ElleRafter
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Ended with US Airways tweeting an image so NSFW that even we’ve had to censor it…

US Airways censored
Click to view uncensored version

US Airways removed the image after an hour and later explained that they’d been tweeted the image earlier by another user (@pinkprintcunt) and were trying to flag the image as inappropriate but inadvertently managed to copy and paste a link to the image in their reply to @ellerafter.

Some Women Ate On The Tube And It Was Weird… Really Weird

A group of women decided to protest against the Women Who Eat On Tubes Facebook Page by holding a picnic on the Circle Line. Good job Vice were on hand to report just how weird things got. Highlights include the attempted highjacking of the protest and a woman eating a Yorkie on the Circle Line.

WWEOT Protest
Image: Twitter // @washingtonpost

Woman To Abort Baby To Star On Big Brother

Josie Cunningham

Remember 23 year old mother-of-two Josie Cunningham who made the news last year for getting a £4,800 boob job done on the NHS? Well she’s back in the news this weekend and for a pretty shocking reason too. Josie who is currently 18 weeks pregnant told the Sunday Mirror that she’s planning to abort her unborn child in order to pursue her career as a glamour model and possibly gain a place on Big Brother.

The baby who’s father is either a Premier League footballer or an escort agency client will be terminated in a £1,659 procedure due to take place at a private London clinic next week.

You can read the full interview with Josie Cunningham on The Mirror’s website.

…And Finally Overheard In Waitrose Was Born

In much lighter news the Facebook page Overheard In Waitrose has been taking the internet by storm and has already racked up over 206,000 likes.

Overheard In Waitrose
Facebook // Overheard In Waitrose

Gems from the page include


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