5 Things That Happened This Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Chris Holmes Quit His Job


More at: www.mrcake.co.uk

Luis Suarez Got Hungry

In a bizarre incident during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw at Liverpool Luis Suarez appeared to bite Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.


More at The BBC.

Sonny Wilson Went Lorry Surfing – Then Got Turned Into The Police By His Own Parents

In another bizarre incident 12 year old Sonny Wilson got caught on camera riding on the back of a TNT delivery truck. When his parents saw the footage online they immediately called the police on their own son!

More at The Metro.

George Osborne Cried

Yes our chancellor IS capable of showing emotion. Here’s George shedding a tear at Baroness Thatcher’s funeral.

Osborne Crying

Bonus! Here’s everyone’s favourite chancellor getting booed at last year’s Paralympic games.

More at The BBC.

The Fried Chicken Shop Is Back!

Chicken Shop

Good news! Channel 4 have commissioned a second series of The Fried Chicken Shop after the success of their one-off documentary earlier in the year. The show will be returning later in the year as a 3×60 series. If you want to be on the show you’ll be pleased to know that they’re filming right now at Roosters Spot on Clapham High Street so go pay them a visit!

You can read the full press release on the Channel 4 website.

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