5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Justin Bieber Announced His Retirement From Music





Actually no sorry guys, he didn’t retire. Turns out it was all just a joke, but the Canadian will be taking a break from music in 2014.

Newsbeat has more.

A Swimming Pool Was Evacuated After An Artificial Leg Was Mistaken For A Paedophile

A class of primary school children were evacuated from a swimming pool in Kent after staff spotted a foot sticking out of a cubicle whilst the eight and nine-year-olds were getting changed. The paedophile in fact turned out to be part of a prosthetic leg.

Only in Britain eh?

Read more at The Telegraph.

A Barclays Bike Turned Up In Gambia

Barclays Cycle Hire
Image: Twitter // @benphillips76

Imagine the late fee on that one.

Road.cc has more.

The BBC News 2013 Bloopers Reel Went Online

A Woman Fell Off The End Of A Pier Because She Was Too Busy Checking Facebook

A Taiwanese woman fell off a pier in Australia because she was checking Facebook and she didn’t realise that the pier was coming to an end. The woman who was unable to swim was rescued 20 minutes after falling into the sea and amazingly she managed to keep hold of her phone throughout the entire ordeal.

You can read more at Mashable.

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