5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

A South African Official Was Interviewed About An Unsafe Road, Then This Happened…

All Eyes Were On Gay Mountain This Week For The Winter Olympics In Sochi

Unfortunately Not Everything In Sochi Went To Plan, This Happened…

sochi rings

And as expected the internet responded…

sochi ring unloaded

sochi rings bp

Oh and for the record the story that the guy responsible for the mishap was found dead was fake.

US Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Got Stuck In His Sochi Bathroom… So He Broke Out With His Own Strength

sochi door
Image: Twitter // @JohnnyQuinnUSA

And Finally The End Is Nigh For Flappy Bird. The Dev Has Decided To Kill The App

Developer Dong Nguen sent this series of tweets.

Flappy Bird Tweet
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Flappy Bird Tweet
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Flappy Bird Tweet
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‘Not anything related to legal issues’… yeah you keep telling us that.

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