5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

BBC Reporter Nick Robinson Had A Very Embarrassing Moment When His iPad Started Playing ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ On Air

This Woman Thought That She Was A Car

red light
Image: Twitter // @imogen_oneill

The Most Epic Rick Roll Ever Took Place In This Physics Essay

essay rick roll
Image: Twitter // @sairamg3

and just for good measure here’s the full song for you…

Footage Of The World’s Tallest And Most Terrifying Waterslide Appeared Online

UKIP Blamed The UK’s Floods On Gay Marriage… Then This Epic Twitter Account Was Born

If you missed it UK Independence Party councillor David Silvester blamed the UK’s adverse weather on gay marriage (read more). Following this, somebody set up @UkipWeather on Twitter, and here are some of the gems they’ve tweeted so far.

UKIP Weather 1
Image: Twitter // @UkipWeather
Ukip Weather 2
Image: Twitter // @UkipWeather
Ukip Weather 3
Image: Twitter // @UkipWeather
Ukip Weather 4
Image: Twitter // @UkipWeather
Ukip Weather 5
Image: Twitter // @UkipWeather

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