5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

The Stig Visited The UK’s First Motorway Pub

Thwaites Had Their Sign Altered

After hearing that around 60 jobs were under threat in one of Lancashire’s oldest breweries employees of Daniel Thwaites PLC felt the need for a little rebrand.

Image: Huffington Post

Someone Poured Quick Setting Cement Into The Victoria Line Control Room

Contractors working on the upgrade of Victoria Station in London poured quick setting cement into an escalator void, what they didn’t realise though was the cement leaked into a nearby control room which happened to contain signalling equipment for the entire southern section of the Victoria Line.

Image: Us vs Th3m

Amazingly however the line was back up and running the next morning and all because of a beautiful scientific trick. It turns out that sugar interferes with the chemical reaction that causes water and cement mixes to set, and by mixing in sugar from a local supermarket engineers were able to prevent the cement from setting!

Justin Bieber Got Arrested

Bieber was arrested this week for allegedly driving under the influence, resisting arrest and having an expired driving license.

Shortly after his arrest Miami Beach Police Department @MiamiBeachPD tweeted Justin’s incredible mugshot.

We’re thinking less mugshot and more ’employee of the month’ photograph.

Bieber mugshot
Image: Twitter // @MiamiBeachPD

The release of the mugshot has lead to incredible internet creations like this…

Beiber Drake
Image: Twitter // @clairevlo

and our favourite, this…

Bieber Cyrus
Image: Tumblr // Scanzen

And Finally A Campaign Has Started To Get ‘It’s Raining Men’ To Number 1

Following comments from UKIP councillor David Silvester blaming the UK’s recent adverse weather and flooding on gay marriage, a campaign was set up to get the Weather Girls’ classic ‘It’s Raining Men’ to number one!

You can download your copy from iTunes.

It's Raining Men

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