5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

This Epic Treasure Hunt Breakup Letter Got Posted Online

We love a good breakup letter here at Plain Audacious, and this is the best we’ve seen in a long while.

Breakup Treasure Hunt

Man Crashes Car Whilst Having Sex Then Hides In Cactus


In an incredibly bizarre incident Luis Briones crashed his car whilst drunk and having sex, fled the scene of the collision and hid in a cactus. Briones ran a red light and crashed into an oncoming vehicle, the crash ejected his naked female passenger from the car. Briones then attemped to drive off but a witness grabbed the keys from his car’s ignition. Briones fled on foot and was found by the police later with one shoe on and his shorts inside out hiding in a cactus.

You can read the full story at The Supercar Kids.

Tulisa’s Career Ended

Tulisa’s already tragic career took a turn for the worse after she was exposed by The Sun newspaper setting up a £750 drug deal. You can read the full story at The Sun or watch the video below to see the deal unfolding.

BNP & EDL Supporters Got Chased By Women Dressed As Badgers

badger protesters

In another incredibly bizarre incident British National Party and English Defence League protesters were chased through London by women dressed as badgers. The group lead by Queen guitarist Brian May were protesting against the government’s badger cull which was put in place to curb the spread of bovine tuberculosis. The women were heard chanting ‘Smash the cull, smash the BNP’.

You can read the full story at the International Business Times.

The Saviour Of The Bow Tie Quit

Matt Smith

After an incredible four years as The Doctor Matt Smith announced that he’s to leave Doctor Who. Smith will star in the 50th anniversary later this year and then regenerate in the Christmas special. We’re definitely going to miss Matt as the doctor, but that leaves us all with the important question of who next?

You can read the full announcement on the BBC’s Doctor Who Blog.

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