5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Thousands Donated To Unicef Or To Adopt A Polar Bear In #Nomakeupselfie Error

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Thousands of people have accidentally donated money to Unicef or to adopt a polar bear after the #Nomakeupselfie craze. Instead of texting ‘BEAT’ to 70099 which would have seen the money go to Cancer Research UK thousands used the wrong keyword and text the word ‘DONATE’ to the number. Some also had their phones autocorrect the word ‘BEAT’ to ‘BEAR’ which lead to them receiving calls about polar bear adoption.

Unicef are working with Cancer Research UK to make sure that all money donated will reach the correct charity.

You can still text ‘BEAT’ to 70099 to donate to Cancer Research UK.

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BA MH370
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Jason Manford Turned Up Late For A Gig… So He Bought Everyone A £3500 Round!

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