5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

UKIP’s Common Sense Bus Crashed Into Portsmouth Railway Station

ukip common sense bus
Image: Twitter // @__Hari__

People Also Sent Bricks To UKIP’s Freepost Address With The Party Picking Up The Bill

UKIP Bricks
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UKIP have since however cancelled their freepost.

UKIP Freepost
Image: Twitter // @edjeff

Dani Alves Had A Banana Thrown At Him, So He Did This

Pornhub Planted A Tree For Every 100 Videos Watched

Pornhub Trees

More about this at The Independent or if you fancy it you can click here to visit Pornhub.

And Finally, The Co-operative… Not So Great At Fractions

coop bank holiday
Image: Twitter // @ronniejoice


Oh go on then here’s one more, we didn’t want to make this week’s list completely about UKIP, but here’s a video of Nigel Farage getting egged.

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