5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Solange Beat Up Jay-Z In A Lift

In a video published by TMZ Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles is seen attacking Jay Z in an elevator.

The internet then reacted beautifully:

Solange Wiki
Solange’s Wikipedia entry was updated.
Solange Beyonce
Watch it back again, it’s true.
Beats By Solange
Coming soon to an electrical store near you!
Beaware of Solange
Somebody even did this!

A Cat Saved A Boy From A Dog Attack

…what were you saying about cats being evil again?

Somebody Managed To Park Their Car Like This

Coincidentally this actually happened outside an eye clinic on Harley Street.

citroen parking
Image: Twitter
citroen parking2
Image: Twitter // @meady45

Nigel Farage Had His Worst Interview Yet

In a car crash interview with LBC’s James O’Brien Mr Farage explains that he feels uncomfortable hearing foreign languages being spoken on trains, despite the fact his wife and daughters speak German, and has his communications director attempt to cut the interview short. You can watch the full exchange below. James O’Brien’s article in the Daily Mail is also worth a read.

And Finally… PoundPub Opened

Serving half pints for a £1 and pints for £1.50 PoundPub is the Lidl of the alcohol world. PoundPub comes complete with a stripped down basic decor and doesn’t have any sports subscriptions or offer any entertainment. More at The Metro.

Image: Cavendish Press

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