5 Things That Happened This Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Gaspump Karaoke Couple Could Be Fake!

Will Monifa

Remember Will and Monifa the karaoke couple made famous by Jay Leno’s gas pump prank? Well this week we found out that the prank may have been staged. Jay introduced Will as a bartender and Monifa as a fitness trainer when they appeared on his show to sing with his house band, but this week we discovered that Will and Monifa are actually actors who founded a theatre company in Chicago together.

It was also uncovered that Monifa appeared at the same petrol station, at the same pump two years ago for exactly the same feature – Pumpcast News, something that Monifa claims was a complete coincidence.

When asked about their careers in an interview with The Chicago Sun-Times Will said, ‘[The producers] didn’t want [people] to think we were actors and it was a plant’ – ‘They were like, “You’re a bartender and she’s a fitness [trainer]’.

The jury’s out on this one but we’ll leave you to enjoy Will and Monifa’s moment in the spotlight once again.

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Kanye West’s Run Of Bad Luck Continued…

Remember last week when Kanye West walked into a road sign?

Well Kanye’s run of bad luck looks to have continued. The gay fish was having his Lamborghini Aventador delivered after a service but by the looks of it the driver didn’t quite make it in through the front gate in time hitting the bodywork before getting through, ouch!

Jay-Z Got Accused Of Time Travel

An image surfaced recently of US rapper-turned-time-lord Jay-Z in 1933, nearly forty years before Mr Carter claims to have been born. The photo appeared at The Schomburg Center in New York and was taken by Sid Grossman. We’re pretty sure it’s not him, but we’ll leave you to decide.

Jay-Z Time Travel

Jay Z

Two Men Experienced Childbirth

Now this is bizarre, watch as two men are hooked up to a labour pain simulator.

This Ann Summers Product Review Went Viral

…and finally read this incredible review posted to the Ann Summers website for Mr Dick, a realistic 8 Inch Dildo.

I bought this product because my husband, whom I dearly loved, was sadly not a particularly well-endowed fellow and I was seeking greater satisfaction in the bedroom. So, one week while my husband was away on business, I had a tipsy moment of uncharacteristic adventurousness, and I ordered the product. When the product arrived I was startled at the size; after my husband’s measly 4-incher, I didn’t know if it would fit. But with lube and a lot of patience, it did – and boy was it worth it. I don’t work, and as a housewife, I spent most of the following week playing with my new toy.
Everything changed when my husband came home. He saw that the house was not as clean as usual (I usually spend most of my time making it spotless, but that week I was distracted) and immediately knew that something wasn’t quite right. He asked as to why I hadn’t shampooed the carpet – I told him that I had been ill, but I was feeling better and that I would clean it tomorrow and that seemed to satisfy him. I cooked his dinner, we had a lovely meal, and things were great.
Until it came to bedtime. Usually, my husband is too tired to make love in the evenings, but he was rather frisky. Delighted, I received him eagerly, but mid-thrust he stopped. The poor man could hardly touch the sides, my new toy had stretched me so much. Immediately, he pulled out and began shouting at me, accusing me of sleeping with someone else while he was away. ‘Am I not enough for you?!’ he sobbed. I tried desperately to explain about the toy but he shook his head, ‘I bet he bought you that, didn’t he? Your lover. God, how could I have been so stupid as to trust you?!’ He simply wouldn’t listen to reason, and in the end, I had to leave. I packed a bag and left for my mother’s in Norfolk.
I now live with my mother’s loft conversion in her bungalow, with nothing for company but ‘Mr Dick’. I married straight out of school, and I have no formal qualifications other than my GCSEs, so finding work has proved impossible. My children, now grown up, won’t talk to me because of what they think I did to their father.
But despite all that I would still recommend the product. Use with caution.
√ Yes, I recommend this product.

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