5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

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David Dimbleby Got A Tattoo

The 75-year-old broadcaster got himself a scorpion tattoo. At least he won’t regret it with old age. Read More.

Image: BBC One/Twitter

Cats That Look Like Models Became A Thing

Last week we brought you cats in tights, this week we’ve got cats being models.

Model Cat
Image: Twitter/@CatsLikeModels
Cat Model
Image: Twitter/@CatsLikeModels

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Rich Guys With Lions On Instagram Also Became A Thing

Image: Instagram/Kbk5

More on BuzzFeed.

One Of The Most Epic Twitter Conversations Of All Time Took Place

Image: BuzzFeed/Twitter

The conversation escalated in ways you’d never be able to imagine, see the full transcript on BuzzFeed.

And Finally, 20-Year-Old Elina Desaine Was Crowned Britain’s Horniest Student

Image: Shag At Uni

The Exeter University Student who beds 2/3 guys a week won £500, a year’s supply of condoms, a mobile phone and some alcohol. Read More.

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