5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

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This Teenager Went For A Night Out In Manchester… Then Woke Up In Paris

Luke Harding
Image: Twitter / @LukeHarding1994

In this incredible story Oldham’s Luke Harding managed to drunkenly book and board a flight to Paris after a night out in Manchester. Read More at The Metro. You can follow @LukeHarding1994 on Twitter.

A Postie Left This Note

Postie Chicken
Image: Imgur

A Rapper Attempted A 35ft Stage Dive… It Didn’t End Well…

A Man Had His House Destroyed By A Tornado… His PS4 Survived

tornado ps4
Image: hepatitisC/Imgur

And Finally ‘Selfie’ Was Named As The Word Of The Year

To honour the great word here are some of our favourite selfies.

The Beyonce Selfie

Beyonce Selfie

The Eminem Mona Lisa Selfie


The David Cameron Sleeping Selfie


The Tony Blair Fake Selfie


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