5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Dappy Got Kicked In The Face By A Horse

Image: Facebook // Dappy

N-Dubz rapper Dappy (aka Costadinos Contostavlos) was injured in a horse riding accident. Sources say that Dappy fell off his horse whilst riding at his Hertfordshire home and then got kicked in the face.

Read more at The Guardian.

This Guy Won Movember

Cat Movember

Find out more at The Metro or Donate Here.

An Epic Chatroulette Parody Of Miley’s Wrecking Ball Hit The Internet

James Franco & Seth Rogen Recreated Kimye’s Bound 2 Video… Shot For Shot

And Finally Prince William, Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi Sang Livin’ On A Prayer

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