5 Things That Happened Last Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

Fox News Unveiled Their Bizarre New Studio

Fox News Deck

American news network Fox News this week revealed their bizarre new studio complete with oversized tablets and Minority Report style tech. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the new Fox ‘News Deck’ was from some kind of comedy sketch or an April fools joke, but check out the video below where Shepard Smith introduces the network’s new take on news gathering, where reporters work on 55 inch Windows touchscreens and interact with a 38 foot long video wall.

Tommy Robinson Quit The EDL – It Was Too Extreme For Him

Yes it may be hard to believe but Tommy Robinson has left the English Defence League, the group famous for inciting hate and organising protests at short notice on Tuesday afternoons has become too difficult to control and Tommy admitted that EDL protests were ‘no longer productive’. So who will be replacing Tommy at the top of the EDL then? Well in a radical change of direction for the organisation it’s going to be this guy:


Tim Ablitt, marvellous.

Has Banksy Been Unmasked?

Well journalistic legends the Daily Mail seem to think so after the graffiti artist’s van broke down in New York.

Catch the full story here.

A High Class Student Escort Was Ordered To Pay £120,000 In Tax

30 year old Donna Asutaits managed to rake in over £300,000 whilst studying for a master’s degree by working as a high class escort. Earning around £1000 a night HMRC were less than pleased with her tax evasion and this week ordered her to pay £120,000 and £54,243 in court costs. It’s understood that Asutaits will sell her Knightsbridge apartment in order to settle the debt.

More at the Metro.

ASDA Glitch Gives Away £50 Voucher Codes


And finally on this week’s 5 things that happened last week you probably didn’t need to know about, supermarket chain ASDA made a rather costly mistake. A rouge voucher code spread across the internet allowing customers to have £50 automatically deducted from their shopping bills. Customers only had to pay around £5 for delivery meaning that thousands of savvy customers were able to stock up on alcohol, electricals and foodstuffs for the price of just a few gold coins.

Unsurprisingly ASDA caught on to the glitch and set about removing the code and cancelling any outstanding orders, but a few lucky customers were able to get their shopping delivered before the supermarket caught on.

The supermarket told the BBC: ‘We’ve removed the glitch, which has prevented customers from using the rogue voucher and we apologise for any confusion caused.’

Read more at The BBC.

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