5 Things That Happened This Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About

PJ & Duncan Reappeared

PJ and Duncan

After performing their single on ITV’s Saturday Night Takeaway PJ and Duncan (better known as Ant and Dec) reappeared in the iTunes charts this Sunday. It may be 19 years since Ant and Dec released the truly awful single Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble but I guess this just is proof that with the advent of the digital download anything can reappear in the charts. At the time of writing PJ and Duncan are currently 2nd in the UK iTunes singles charts to The Saturdays.

You can buy a copy of the single here, but please don’t.

Remember Gallon Smashing? People Are Being Charged Over It

Remember that stupid internet craze that was supposed to replace the Harlem Shake? Well two brothers and their cousin from Falls Church, Virginia are being charged with disorderly behaviour and destruction of property. Full story at The Metro.

Don’t remember gallon smashing? Here’s a little video to refresh your memory.

Human Statue Punches Man

Technically this happened last week, but swings and roundabouts. All I have to say about this video is, he deserved it.

Sebastian Vettel Apologises For Winning The Malaysian Grad Prix

In what turned out to be an incredibly bizarre ending to the Malaysian Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel defied team orders and overtook his team-mate which allowed him to go on and win the race. Sebastian has since apologised for letting down both Mark Webber and his team.

In the same race the Mercedes team were also caught up in team-orders drama, you can read more about both incidents on the BBC F1 website.

For those of you wanting to hear my two cents on the action, I think Sebastian’s actions were unacceptable and I really do feel sorry for Mark. Both drivers had been told not to overtake and to look after their tyres to reach the end of the grand prix, however Mark was forced into second and into a position where he couldn’t defy his team’s orders and challenge his team-mate for the lead.As for the Mercedes incident, I think it’s really disappointing that the team didn’t allow Nico to overtake Lewis. Nico was clearly much faster than Hamilton and should have been the one on the podium. In a post-race interview Lewis even said ‘I can’t say it’s the best feeling being up here today. If I’m honest I really feel Nico should be standing here’. It’s such a shame that the team aren’t allowing their drivers to race and instead are manufacturing these artificial results to give Lewis a better shot at the world championship.

Oh and one last Malaysian Grand Prix note, here’s Lewis Hamilton forgetting which team he drives for.

Lewis Hamilton wrong pit box

Image via the BBC.

New Anchor Gets Proposed To Live On Air

Again not quite this week, but I just couldn’t resist throwing in this amazingly cute ending to my 5 things that happened this week you probably didn’t need to know about. Bonus: look out for the anchor disappearing into the void between worlds, <3 the green screen.


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