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Welcome to Richard Lartey’s Plain Audacious an online world of music, cars, current affairs and general life. Founded in 2013 Plain Audacious has become a hub of original content, including past favourites Jam of the Week and 5 Things That Happened This Week You Probably Didn’t Need To Know About. More recently Plain Audacious has evolved to become a record label with elements of the blog that started it all still very much in tact. Take a look around and if you want to get in touch email [email protected]. Or alternatively if you just want to keep us in the loop add [email protected] to your mailing list.

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A Few Words From Plain Audacious’ Founder

Richard Lartey

Richard for BlogI set up Plain Audacious in 2013 as an experiment to widen the audience of my blog. I’ve been writing on the internet for a number of years now, my first blog being my Windows Live Space back in 2007 which I updated with daily anecdotes about my life. Think of it as my Twitter account without the 140 character limit.

My second venture into the blogosphere was in 2009 when I started a WordPress blog which proved to be a huge success, so much so that it was mentioned on The Guardian’s website not once but twice!

In 2012 I decided to breathe new life into my blog, I moved it over to my own server and started managing the site myself. I launched features like the Jam of the Week and New & Noteworthy and saw my traffic growing month in month out, so in March 2013 I made the decision to rebrand as Plain Audacious. The blog continued to grow and it even helped to secure me a job in the music industry. Working full time in the industry ultimately however made it difficult for me to write on a regular basis so here we are in 2016 with Plain Audacious’ latest reboot. I’m going back to a more personal blog structure and I’ll be moving to a post schedule that better suits my working life. It’ll be the same Plain Audacious you know and love but with a wider range of content and fewer quiet periods.

A Little About Me

I currently work as a digital marketing coordinator for a label services company, in the past I’ve worked at concert venues, television studios, event companies and even on the broadcast team for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I don’t live life standing still, life’s an adventure that shouldn’t be wasted so I like to live every day as if it’s my last. I’m also a firm believer that with enough hard work you can get to wherever you want to be in life.

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