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Guess what! It’s Jam of the Week time again. As usual we’re bringing you something fresh from the music industry to get you though the week.

This week our Jam of the Week is by Paramore. The band are from Franklin, Tennessee and are currently made up of Hayley Williams (lead vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass) and Taylor York (guitar). Today Paramore released their fourth studio album self titled ‘Paramore’. It’s a brilliant album that shows progress from the spotty adolescent Paramore of the mid-noughties to a more grown up and mature band with a brilliant sound to go with it.


The song we’ve picked to be our Jam of the Week this week is called Ain’t It Fun, and I’m going to make a bold statement here by saying that Ain’t It Fun is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best things Paramore have ever recorded. The single hasn’t been released yet but if you’re after the track it’s number six on their album. Take a listen below and you’ll hear why we love it so much.

Ain’t It Fun continues with the recent trend of featuring gospel choirs in popular music. We saw this not too long ago with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Sacrilege, and so far it’s all sounded terrific.

We’d love to hear what you all think of Ain’t It Fun, and of Paramore’s new album. As always the comments are open for you below.

We’ll be back next week with another Jam!


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