You Know That Channel 4 Paralympic Song…

Harder Than You Think

So here’s a fantastic song that I and I’m sure a lot of you have all had stuck in your heads or caught yourself whistling to over the last few weeks. I am of course talking about Public Enemy’s track Harder Than You Think.

The song was released in August 2007 and appears on the group’s 20th Anniversary album How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul? Despite an album title which is seemingly targeted at ginger people this is a fantastic track and the album is definitely worth a listen. Click to Listen on Spotify

Recently the song has come back into the public eye due to Channel 4 using it for their London 2012 Paralympic Games promos and title music. At the time of writing the song is currently 3rd in the iTunes singles charts with only Sam and the Womp’s barmy track Bom Bom and Little Mix’s Wings ahead of it.

Shirley Bassey Sample

Another interesting point to note and one well worth remembering for pub quizzes is that the song samples Jezahel by Shirley Bassey. Take a listen to this:

Jam Of The Week

I’m starting a new feature on my blog called the Jam Of The Week. What I’m going to be aiming to do every Thursday is to bring you all something interesting, catchy or down right brilliant from the music industry. This week Harder Than You Think gets the title of the Jam Of The Week!

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