Feeder // Buck Rogers // #ThrowbackThursday


Here’s a brand new feature I’m going to be running on _plain audacious that I’ve pinched from Twitter, Instagram, Vine and pretty much every other social network under the sun, Throwback Thursday!

In short I’m going to be making you feel old every week by uploading songs you’ve long forgotten about.

Even better we’ve going to be populating a Spotify playlist with a new track every single week. You can follow the playlist by clicking here.

Our first Throwback takes us back to 2001 and a song that many of you will remember from this popular video game.

gran turismo 3

I am of course talking about Buck Rogers by Feeder. The song which was originally written for the American band Radio Star entered the UK charts at number 5 and quickly became a rock classic.

Take a listen back to it below.

You can buy Buck Rogers on iTunes and Google Play.

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