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It’s Jam of the Week time again! This week there were a number of worthy contenders for the crown, but really and truly the title could only go to one person for a song we like to describe as incredible.

PSY Gentleman

Record breaking artist and worldwide sensation Park Jae-sang (better known to you and me as PSY) this weekend unleashed Gentleman on us in a bid to surpass the success of Gangnam Style. Gentleman which hit YouTube on Saturday already has 70 million views on YouTube with 22 million of those views occurring on the video’s first day online smashing the record for ‘most views in a day’ previously held by Justin Bieber.

Gentleman appears to be an attack on the snobbishness and arrogance of the more privileged in life with PSY putting himself at the centre of the joke. You can find a full English translation of the lyrics at Policymic.

What do you think of Gentleman? Will it be as big as the Gangnam Style? Let us know in the comments section below.

We’ll be back next week with another Jam of the Week.

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