How To Build The Best iTunes Playlist Ever!

So you’ve loaded up your iTunes or opened the music app on your iOS device, but then you’re faced with one huge dilemma, what do you listen to?

Well I’ve got a playlist which will definitely put a smile on your face. Such a big smile that I like to call it my hour of ecstasy playlist. The premise is simple, a constantly updating playlist that delivers you an hour of music that you actually want to listen to.

Now there are a few requirements for this playlist to work.

  • You must be using iTunes.
  • You need to have rated your music, not all of it, just your favourites.
  • You need to listen to music outside of the playlist every now and again to be able to populate it correctly.
  • If you use an iPod, iPhone or iPad you’ll need to plug it in every now and again to sync play counts, for some reason these don’t sync over wifi.

If you meet those requirements then you’re ready to get started. Setting this up is simple. In iTunes go to the ‘File’ menu and then click ‘New Smart Playlist’.

In the box that appears select the following options:

  • Match | ALL | of the following rules (We want iTunes to follow all of the rules we’re about to set not just a few of them).
  • Rating | is | 5 stars (This picks out the very best of your iTunes library, some however may find that 4 works better for them).
  • Last played | in the last | 6 | days (This makes sure that only music you actually listen to is chosen. If you listen to music less frequently than most you may find that 12 or 20 days works better for you).
  • Media kind | is | music (This filters out videos, audiobooks etc)
  • Limit to | 1 | hours | selected by | random (This limits the playlist to 1 hour and picks which of the songs that fall into the above criteria the playlist will include).
  • Live updating (This allows the playlist to automatically update).

Once you’re done it should look something like the image below.

Hour of Ecstasy iTunes Playlist

And that’s it! Your hour of ecstasy playlist will update all the time to bring you the very best of your iTunes library. If you want to take things a step further you can use the same method to create longer or shorter playlists.

Given it a go and liked what you’ve heard? Let me know in the comments.


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