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Nina Nesbitt
Image: Facebook // Nina Nesbitt

It’s Jam of the Week time, and our penultimate Jam before our end of year Jam of the Week special where we’ll be going through some of our favourite Jams of the year.

This week we’re probably not bringing you the Jam you expected. As you know pop mega star Beyoncé surprised us all by releasing a brand new album and seventeen new music videos last week, picking Beyoncé as our Jam of the Week would be all too easy though, especially when the gorgeous up-and-coming artist Nina Nesbitt released the first single from her new album last night. It’s called Selfies and it’s pretty damn good!

Nina’s jumped on the selfie bandwagon this week with a song not just about posting pictures on the internet, but about challenging our perceptions on what we see of people’s lives online. In a blog post Nina explains [sic] ‘I think what i’m trying to get across in this song and video is that even though some people’s lives seem great on the internet, we are all human at the end of the day and nobody’s life is perfect’.

Nina’s début album Peroxide is due to hit stores on 17th February 2014.

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