Justin Timberlake is Back!

Justin Timberlake

Well well well, Justin’s back. After posting a very cryptic tweet this morning simply stating ‘Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 9:01 am PST…’ (that’s 5:01pm to you and me on Greenwich Mean Time) the rumour mill went absolutely crazy!

After a long and anxious wait we’ve finally got what we’ve all been waiting for, a full 5 years 1 month and 13 days after Justin’s last album release (albeit a deluxe edition of his Future Sex / Love Sounds album released the previous year), Justin’s finally got something new for us all to listen to. Take a look at this brilliant little promo.

Justin’s new track will be available in just over 3 days from now. The countdown is here countdown.justintimberlake.com

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