London Underground is 150! // 5 Cool Tube Related Things From The Web

Today (9th January 2013) marks 150 years since the first ever journey on London Underground took place. The first stretch of line was on the Metropolitan Railway between Paddington and Farringdon and opened on the 9th January 1863. To celebrate I’ve found these 5 cool tube related things related to London Underground on the internet.

Amateur Transplants – London Underground Song

Recorded by junior doctors Adam Kay and Suman Biswas in autumn 2004 for Imperial College’s RAG week the London Underground Song with its accompanying flash animation first hit the internet in January 2005. The parody of The Jam’s 1980 classic Going Underground went straight to number 1 on the iTunes comedy chart with all of the proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. You can listen to the song below however please be advised that the song is NSFW.

Lives on the Line

Lives on the Line

Ever wanted to find out how life expectancy varies by tube station? I’m guessing probably not, but nevertheless this next website will tell you exactly that. By using the data available for life expectancy at birth for the wards in the 200m surrounding each London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway station together with the rank of each London Ward on the spectrum of Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index we’re able to see life expectancy and child poverty as a tube map and also see the links between deprivation and life expectancy.

You can see the interactive map at

Geographically Accurate Tube Map

Geographically accurate tube map

We all love Harry Beck’s tube map, it’s what’s seen as one of the greatest designs of the twentieth century, with it’s amazing simplicity adored by tourists and Londoners alike, however there’s one problem with it that this website has decided to address. Beck’s map isn’t geographically accurate. The designers of this next map and accompanying website admit that some compromises have been taken with distance in the outer zones of the system but each station’s location is geographically accurate in relation to the other stations.

You can see the interactive map at



Now this is very cool. We all know that every time you touch your Oyster Card on the yellow reader data about your journey is stored on TFL’s servers to allow the Oyster system to work as smoothly as possible, what Chromaroma does is take your journey history and use this to create a pretty cool social game where you earn points every time you touch in and journey data helps you to unlock new achievements.

You can find out more about Chromaroma and sign up at

London Tube Memes

Remember 2012? It really wasn’t that long ago, well 2012 was the year of the meme and it just wouldn’t be right if London Underground didn’t have a Facebook page dedicated to its memes. With over 10,000 likes London Tube Memes is a fantastic online community where users can share memes they’ve made about London Underground. Here are four of my favourite.


BoJo Meme


Cockfosters Meme




Jubilee Meme


Tourist Meme



You can see all of the memes over at the London Tube Memes Facebook page


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