Lover of the Light // Jam of the Week

So another week begins and I’ve got another fantastic jam to get you through to Friday. We’re finally in December and I’ve got loads of exciting things planned for this blog which you’ll see in the coming weeks. But sticking to here and now it’s time to introduce my new Jam.

Mumford & Sons

This week’s track comes from the brilliant Mumford & Sons and is called Lover of the Light. It comes off their recently released album Babel which if you haven’t listened to yet you should definitely take an hour out of your life to enjoy. Lover of the Light is out now to buy on iTunes.

The London formed band currently have a ton of live dates so grab tickets whilst you can!

Here’s Lovers of the Light my new Jam of the Week.

As always I’m open to your comments which you can post below.

I’ll be back next week with a new jam!


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