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Jam of the Week BannerIt’s Jam of the Week time! This week our Jam comes from 2012 one hit wonder Sam and the Womp. After the success of their number one hit single Bom Bom last year Sam and the Womp were cast into insignificance and destined for a lifetime as one hit wonders forever playing university freshers events. This week however marked what could perhaps be considered as a turning point in the band’s fortunes with the release of their latest single Ravo.

Sam and the wompWith a sound reminiscent of the legendary works of Madness and outfits outlandish enough to make even Lady GaGa jealous Ravo looks set to put Lady Oo, Sam Ritchie and Aaron Horn back on the map.

So what do you think of Ravo? As always the comments section is open for your opinions.

Fancy buying a copy of Ravo? You can grab it from iTunes here.

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