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It’s Jam of the Week time!

It’s the last Jam of the Week of March today and also the last Jam of the Week on my blog before we grow up and become Plain Audacious! This time my Jam of the Week comes from the absolutely gorgeous Nina Nesbitt.

Nina Nesbitt

For those of you new to Nina, she’s a Scottish born, 18-year-old, singer songwriter who came to fame after meeting Ed Sheeran at a radio gig in Edinburgh and playing one of her songs to him. Ed then immediately offered her a gig in Glasgow which was later followed by invitations to support both Ed Sheeran and Example on their tours.

The song I’m giving my Jam of the Week title to this week is called Stay Out. It’s a brilliant example of what Nina can do, she’s got a brilliant voice and Stay Out is just one of those really infectious, up-beat and jolly tracks, that make you want to do something with your life.

The Stay Out EP arrives on April 8th. You can buy/pre-order your copy on iTunes.

Usually that would be the end of my Jam of the Week, but I’m loving Nina’s sound so much that I’ve also decided to share this. It’s called No Interest, which intriguingly started off as a joke but then ended up as a song.

No Interest will also be on the Stay Out EP.

I’m tipping Nina for big things in the future, but I’d love to hear what you think of her work. As always the comments section below is open for your opinions.

I’ll be back next week with another Jam of the Week for you all to listen to!


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