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The Comedy Bar

Last week I took my girlfriend down to The Comedy Bar in Islington a fantastic little night hidden in the depths of Angel.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a stand-up comedy night, the last time being a few years ago at Punk in Soho, but I’ve always been a fan of the smaller more intimate gigs just because of the unique sense of interactivity you get between the comedian and the audience and as far as small and intimate goes, well this was pretty small and pretty damn intimate. As the host Chris Mayo pointed out when the night started, there are few gigs you can go to where you can go through the audience one by one asking them to introduce themselves. With just around 20-25 people in the audience this is definitely the smallest gig I’ve ever been to, which if anything made me love the night more, although this did make not sitting at the front so that the comedian doesn’t pick on you near enough impossible.

As far as the actual comedy goes some similar nights can be a bit hit and miss, but despite the fact that all of the comedians were trying out new material on us it was absolutely brilliant. The lineup on the night featured Sara Pascoe, Arnab Chanda, Eric Lampaert, Doc Brown and Celia Pacquola as well as Chris Mayo all of whom had the audiences laughing at gangster hamsters, stop drop and roll models, awkward tooth to gum ratios and women walking down Tooting High Street with pictures of better looking women than themselves on their tops.

Now nights like this really do rely on word of mouth so I’m hoping by writing this review/ramble I’m helping to persuade you to give The Comedy Bar a go. I actually found out about the night after someone retweeted a tweet about it and I decided it would be a fantastic surprise for my girlfriend.

It’s one of London’s hidden gems and most importantly it’s dirt cheap. I was at work at a certain 22,000 capacity arena in North Greenwich 2 days after for a comedy show and I just couldn’t understand why someone would pay upwards of £30 to sit in an arena with 22,000 other people when you can have a much better night, shared with 22 others for just £6!

The Comedy Bar is held in The Chapel Bar in Islington which offers a wide variety of beers, wines, spirits and ciders and the area is full of fantastic eataries which you can visit beforehand.

I’d absolutely definitely visit again, and I hope some of you guys give it a shot too. Comedy’s every two weeks and you can find out more on Chris Mayo’s website.


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