The New Myspace // First Impressions

Back in September I blogged about Myspace’s beautiful new redesign, and detailed exactly how to get your mits on the beta. If you missed the announcement here’s the video.

In the small hours of the morning I had this come through to my email inbox.

myspace email invite

After clicking through from the invitation email and confirming a few personal details I was presented with this screen where I was asked to select the options I identify with most.

myspace indentify options

I selected a few which I vaguely identified with and proceeded to the next step of the setup where I was asked for a few details for the creation of my new profile. A quick copy and paste from Twitter into the 150 character biography box and a photo upload and I was done!

myspace profile setup

The very first thing you notice about the new Myspace bar obviously the striking new design is how empty everything is. Myspace have made the decision not to delete your old profile but also not to transfer any of your information over to the new site, great for those of you who want to start afresh but for those of you who still want to be connected to the people you’ve been in contact with for years and don’t want to have to re-upload all of your pictures this is a little frustrating. A quick root around the help documents discovers that at some point in the future (although no date has as of yet been determined) you’ll be able to sync all of your data between your new Myspace profile and your classic Myspace profile.

myspace welcome

The new profile pages are pretty beautiful. Myspace have taken a leaf out of Facebook, Twitter and Google’s book by allowing users to select a cover photo for their profile which defines them. Selecting my cover was pretty easy, I just had to upload a new image and in options menu which appears on every photo in your profile I was able to set my cover photo.

myspace new profile

Scroll a little to the right and you’ll see all of your previous posts as well as an update box which allows you to update your status, post a photograph or upload a song, all with geotagging options.

New Myspace profile page

I love the new navigation options Myspace have brought us, the menu on the left is always visible and updates to give you options relevant to the page you’re browsing and at the bottom alongside the deck (music player) you get a few new buttons. The first being the Myspace button taking you back to the home page and stream, the second being your name, a direct link to your profile and alongside those notifications and messages have been neatly tucked away behind two popup menus. The discover button takes you to the latest news from the record industry and the search button does the obvious.

Myspace navigation

One thing I love about the new Myspace is the new search. It doesn’t matter where you are on the site, to search you just start typing. As you type the search screen becomes populated with songs, artists, albums, people, mixes and videos which match your search criteria as you can see in my search below for Florence and the Machine.

New Myspace search

Clicking through to her profile page allowed me to connect with the artist and play a huge selection of her tracks and videos. I can see these new profile pages being really useful for music discovery especially with the similar artists box on each profile.

Myspace Florence and the Machine Profile

I found the new deck (music player) really easy to use, adding music was as easy as clicking a button, and Myspace’s play queue looks brilliant with album art as well as previous and next tracks listed.

Myspace Music Player

Rearranging the list was really intuitive too, dragging a track brings up the menu seen below where you can drop the track on the desired option.

New Myspace Track Options

As great as the new Myspace is it’s not quite ready for the prime time, the spaces option doesn’t work at all yet and every now and again you’re greeted by one of the best 404 pages I’ve seen on the internet so far. Myspace displays a list of tracks where the running time is exactly 4 minutes and 4 seconds, all of which are playable and you’re even given the option to save the mix for listening later.

New Myspace 404 Page

I’m absolutely loving the new Myspace, they’ve really done well with the re-design to bring it up to par with the rival social networks on the web.

You have to wonder however whether people will actually use it. It’s a beautiful site but there’s nothing that it does that other sites don’t do better. If I for example wanted to find out more about an artist or discover some new music my first stop would be If I wanted to listen to a track that’s not in my iTunes library I’d be heading over to either YouTube or Spotify, and of course if I wanted to use the social networking features I’d be using either Facebook, Twitter or Google + so you have to wonder where this new Myspace will fit in.

Is it already too late for the social network? Well only time will tell!

For more about the new Myspace you can visit and if you’ve got the new Myspace and you want to connect with me you can head to

Have an opinion on the redesign? Let me know in the comments.


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