Tottenham – A Year Today

What a fantastic distraction the Olympics have been ey? Most of you will be wondering why I’m saying that, but a few of you will know today’s the anniversary of an event which has been swept under the carpet a little by the government and media. I am of course talking about the riots which rocked the nation a year ago and the initial disorder which took place on the streets of Tottenham, North London.

In the year since events over 3000 people have appeared in courts for offences in connection with the riots, over half of them being 20 years old or under.

In this post I’ll look back on some of the images I captured in the aftermath of the destruction.

The crumbling remains of the Allied Carpets store, one of the many shops and businesses to be destroyed in the riots last year.
Two police officers stand guarding the high-street of destruction.
A burnt-out police car lies abandoned.
Residents look on in disbelief at the remains of a delivery van parked outside some flats on Rheola Close.
A resident sits waiting for the bus out of Tottenham which will never come.

If you’d like to read more about the riots be sure check out Plan B’s statement on his song Ill Manors, and also make sure you take a moment to listen to the song which I’ve kindly posted for you all below which Plan B says was written ‘to bring the issue back to the forefront of public conversation’.


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