8 Things I’ve Learnt From My Year With A Dashcam

Year With A Dashcam

It’s been just over 12 months since I fitted a dashcam to my car and in that time it’s been with me mile after mile silently capturing everything I see out on the roads. Looking back on those 12 months I’ve put together this post with a few things I’ve learnt and thoughts I’ve had from my first year with a dashcam.

1. A Year On And The Novelty Hasn’t Worn Off

I mean look how cool this timelapse is!

2. Motorcyclists Love Their Wheelies

I can’t apologise enough for that wailing noise coming from my mouth but this is incredibly cool albeit stupidly dangerous.

3. Singing Is A Serious Issue

Anybody hoping for a video here you’re out of luck.

Singing is a serious issue when it comes to dashcams. Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just finished work for the week, naturally you’re going to be blasting some Taylor Swift out of your car stereo and singing along. Now say Sally mum of three in her Nissan Joke Juke decides to pull out of junction without looking and you crash into her you’re then going to have to provide your insurer with the footage who will be able to hear every single note of your awful singing. As #FirstWorldProblems go this is easily one of the worst.

4. The Technology Isn’t Flawless Yet

I’ve been using a Mobius Actioncam and 99% of the time it works without any problems but I have every now and again lost some great footage for various reasons.

I’ve been able to install my camera quite discreetly so I don’t have to worry about remembering to set up and switch on the unit every time I get into my car. As soon as it detects current from my car’s 12v socket it springs into life and starts recording immediately, similarly as soon as I turn off my engine and power to the socket is cut the camera turns itself off. Mighty convenient right? That convenience does however come with a price, if for whatever reason I stall and then turn the key to restart my engine immediately, voltage to the 12v socket will drop as the starter motor runs and the camera will switch itself off. It’s hugely frustrating but thankfully it only ever happens once in a blue moon.

5. I’m Convinced Cyclists Just Want To Die

No helmet and no regard for the highway code… 2 seconds earlier and there’s a good chance I would have killed him.

6. It’s Hard Not To Make Sweeping Generalisations About Other Road Users… Cyclists… The Elderly…

7. Using One Won’t Always Help Insurance Claims

I’ve been involved in two incidents since installing my camera, in the first I was hit from behind as I pulled out of a junction, despite telling my insurer that I had footage of the incident I was assured that it wouldn’t be needed. A few months down the line it was settled as a non-fault claim, happy days but the dashcam wasn’t needed at all.

The second was a lot more unfortunate, my car was parked on my road and at some point during the night somebody managed to crash into my passenger side door and not leave any details. My dashcam only records when the car is switched on so in this instance it completely missed the incident. With nobody to claim from and faced with the prospect of losing my no claims discount and having to pay quite a hefty excess it worked out cheaper for me to report the incident and foot the bill for the repair myself.


8. Even If It Doesn’t Always Help With The Insurance At Least You Can Get 1 Up On Tesco…

Cut up by a Tesco delivery van driver? It’s cool, just tweet them the footage!

Bonus: Here’s A Compilation Of Awful Driving I Uploaded To YouTube a While Back


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